Mizensir Bois Iridescent Edp 100ml

Brand : Mizensir

SKU : 401201

AED 992.00

Bois Iridescent .What a strange name ! Iridescent as in irised… rainbow ? This is where the magic stands, a mystery which tells in two words a perfumer’s enthrallment for wood. Here, Alberto Morillas turns it into “floral wood”, transfixed by rays of colours, with bergamot essence and mandarin oil bringing brightness in, and Paradisone® its crystal-clear freshness. The combination of violet leaf and Iris absolute creates a powdery and floral touch; it forms the perfume’s heart which then unveils woody and sandalwood notes to eventually end with Cetalox® amber-musky hint. Bois iridescent is a very singular perfume, enhancing wood to take us far far away…

  • Top notes:
  • bergamot essence, mandarin essence, Paradisone®
  • Heart notes:
  • concrete iris, violet leaf absolute
  • Base notes:
  • Sri Lanka sandalwood essence, Cetalox®
type Unisex
size 100 ml
Country Switzerland