BDK Wood Jasmin Edp 100ml

Brand : BDK

SKU : 401042


He walks along the long wooded pathway and a strange light shimmering with gold appears. Suddenly, the skies darkens, rainfall drops on his skin pushed by a slight breeze. Silhouettes form behind him and he realises he’s being followed. A sweet and melodious chant almost surreal emerges. Behind this wall of Jasmine flowers is a fairy. She is laying on the water, her golden hair caressing the stream. He is fascinated and approaches her to collect drops of this precious elixir. But before night falls, he must leave. These woods are as gorgeous as they are mysterious.

  • Top notes
  • Plum
  • Pear
  • Heart notes
  • Jasmine of Egypt
  • Sambac Jasmine
  • Rose of Turkey
  • Dhavanam
  • Base notes
  • Incense of Somalia
  • Vanilla of Madagascar
  • Patchouli of Indonesia
  • Labdanum of Spain
  • Cypriol Nagarmotha of India
type Unisex
size 100 ml
Country France